Saturday, 15 December 2012

Australian Young Masters - Final

Back in Canberra after and exciting final round of the Australian Young Masters. In the top event Brodie McClymont scored one more win to end the tournament with a perfect 7/7. In the final round he faced fellow Queenslander Yi Liu, needing at least half a point to stay clear of Alistair Cameron. Instead he won a pawn in the middle game, and then won the subsequent Q v R+B ending. Cameron also had a last round win, after IM Andrew Brown overpressed an attack, and when it ran out of steam found himself in a lost ending. This left Cameron on 6/7, which in any other year might have been enough to win.
In the Junior Masters, ACT players Matthew Bennet and Stu Mason tied for first on 6.0/9. Harry Press, who was tied for first going into the final round, continued his run of poor last round results, by losing to Josh Bishop, resulting in a tie for third between the two of them.
In the South Australian Young Masters, Lachlan Cameron also scored a clean sweep, finishing the tournament with 9/9.

Mason,Stuart - Puccini,Jack [B06]
Adelaide AUS Junior Masters (6), 13.12.2012

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