Saturday 27 October 2012

Zombies and Chess

Zombie Bride and Groom

Today saw a quick 'up-and-back' trip to Sydney for the Correspondence Chess League of Australia (CCLA) council meeting, where amongst other things I've taken on the role of CCLA President. The meeting was a fairly straight forward one, although there were some discussions on an expanded role for the CCLA in the area of online chess. Everything was wrapped up within 3 hours which gave me time to do a bit of sight seeing with the family.
One of the sights was the 2012 Zombie Walk, which happened to be taking place in Hyde Park. Not only was this a stones throw from the meeting venue, it was also located in the vicinity of the Hyde Park giant chess board. Now I haven't been to the board in Hyde Park for a while so I was a little surprised that it was out and being used on a Saturday. Certainly when I was younger it was just a work day thing.
So I was able to watch some chess being played in the outdoors, while the surrounds were being overrun by the shambling dead. Curiously the players at the board either did not think anything unusual about this, or more likely, were so engrossed in their game that they failed to notice. Eventually the zombies wandered off to a food festival somewhere, leaving the chess players in peace.

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