Monday, 18 June 2012

Carlsen wins Tal Memorial

Once again Magnus Carlsen scores the points when needed. He got off to a slow start in the 2012 Tal Memorial, but by remaining undefeated, we was able to keep touch with the leaders as successive front runners got cut down. The in the final round he defeated Luke McShane, while the previously out of sorts Lev Aronian did him a huge favour by defeating Fabiano Caruana. This leaves him in outright first on 5.5/9, a score which disguises how hard fought this tournament was.
Caruana still finished on +1 (5/9) which can be considered a 'breakthrough result' for him, while Luke McShanes -1 can still be considered a +, especially given his wins over Aronian and Kramnik (See the game below for example). Despite reaching 50% Aronian had a sub-par performance, while the Nakamura fanboys will have to wait another year.

McShane,L (2706) - Kramnik,V (2801) [C67]
7th Mikhail Tal Memorial Moscow RUS (7), 16.06.2012


Chris Skulte said...

Nakamura fanboys? i.e. Clive Ng? :) :)

Shaun Press said...

Possibly, but check out chessvibes or a number of US chess blogs. That's where they mainly hang out.