Friday, 29 July 2011

2011 ANU University Co-Op Bookshop Simul

IM Andras Toth proved a hard man to beat in the 2011 ANU University Co-op Bookshop Simul, winning all his games against a fairly tough field. The simul, held at King O'Malley's pub in the centre of Canberra, attracted a group of players in the 1200-1800 range (plus one 2000 ringer), each aiming to score a prize for winning or drawing. While there were a couple of games that could have gone either way, according to Andras, he managed to hang on and take the point. "He didn't miss any tactics" was one comment heard after the game. His score on +15=0-0 was achieved after 2 hours of play.
The annual Co-op Bookshop simul is the first event in the 2011 ANU Chess Festival. The Festival continues tomorrow with the first day of the 2011 ANU Open.

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