Monday, 25 October 2010

2010 World Seniors Championship

It might not be another super strong all GM extravaganza, but the 2010 World Seniors Championship is a pretty big (and important) event in its own right. It gets under way tomorrow evening in Arco, Italy and has attracted a field of over 250 players (245 in the Open, and oddly, 30 in the Womens). Oceania is represented in both events, with 3 Australians (Brian Jones, Lachlan Benson and Oleg Korenevski) in the Open, joined by 2 New Zealanders (Paul Spillier in the Open, and Viv Smith in the Womens).
The top 50 boards will be broadcast live, from 15:00 hours CET (Midnight Eastern Australian Time). The organisers home page is here (you have to find the link for the World Seniors on their homepage) while tournament results can be found at

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Anonymous said...

Paul Spiller of NZ is certainly not playing. He's not even old enough! Some mistake there by the organisers.