Sunday, 31 January 2010

O2C Doeberl Cup 2010 - Premier filling fast

3 2 months to go until Australia's Number 1 chess tournament, the O2C Doeberl Cup, begins. As with the last couple of years the main interest, and the early entries, have been concerntrated on the Premier Section. As of today there are already 32 players entered into this tournament, and with a size limit of 90 players, it means there is only room for another 58 entries.
There is still plenty of room in the other events (U/2000, Under 1600 and Under 1200), although there are size limits for these tournaments as well.
In terms of the strength of the fiels the Premier already has 11 GM's and 6 IM's. Once again there is a sizeable contingent from India, and it looks like some of the players who mplayed last year enjoyed the event so much they are coming back again.
If you wish to enter the tournament (or just see who else has entered) just click on the link to the tournament website and choose the appropriate heading.

(Disclaimer: I am a paid official for this event )


Brian Jones said...

2 Months!

Shaun Press said...

Of course! I realised that yesterday after I had made the post, then didn't get around to fixing it until now.