Friday, 21 August 2009

2009 Malaysian Open

The 2009 Malaysian Open begins tomorrow in Kuala Lumper Lumpur. This is an event that would normally fall between the two stools of my blog coverage (either events of world wide interest, or purely local Canberra events), but this years tournament will feature a number of Australian, and indeed Canberra players.
At this stage I haven't been able to find a tournament website, but coverage is being carried on the Gila Chess blog (as it was in previous years). If I find out more I will pass it on.

(** Update: Results and pairings can be found at **)


Anonymous said...

Great blog Shaun. Typos happen and are just priceless today. ('Lumper' and 'stools'.)

Anonymous said...

The round 1 pairings are here:

Other information, such as list of entries and schedule, are on that website.

Anonymous said...

good luck to the aussies and kiwis. hopefull, china won't dominate too much :)