Thursday, 28 June 2018

Even more new rules

I continue to add to my collection of 'house' rules that seem to turn up at interschool events. Some are old chess-nuts like 'promoted pieces go back on their starting square', while a couple were new even to me.
One player complained that his opponent had moved a pawn from a7 to a5, on the grounds that a pawn can only do that 'on the first move', which in this game he interpreted it as 'the first move of the game'. At least this explained his preference for hedgehog type openings.
There was also an attempt to capture a rook en-pas, but it was the 'king/queen switcheroo' that won the award for most creative rule. A player had just got '4 move checkmated' but attempted to escape by 'castling' king and queen (ie Kd8-Qe8 in one move). I really couldn't explain why it wasn't allowed except to say "it isn't allowed".


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